The Art of Telling Your Story


We know we can't solve today's challanges with yesterday's methods to remain in business tomorrow.


Customers' experience is today's competition pressure when it comes to differenciation.

In this light TV im Web cares about ...
1. ... regaining and defining again what customer experience actually means to you.
2. ... the reasons which led to breaking up customer relations or bad customer experience.
3. ... possibilities how you can swap the situation.


Full-Service from a single source
TV im Web GmbH is a spezialised full service agency and media house in the world of marketing for touristical service-providers based in Germany, France, Austria or Italy. It starts off with consulting, handles conception and planning of campaigns and reaches out to its realization. We'd love to place our professional experience for you to boost your house to being the preferred choice of your guests.

Theory and Coding

We don't explain how your job should be done.
And we don't explain how you could do your job better.
We leave this to the self-appointed experts who claim to know everything ... better.
Yes, we can do Reference Marketing.
In the WorldWideWeb, mobile or on desk top.
Or even the classical way.
We only do story telling.
About you.
About your products.
About your services.


Contents follows the frame work. The frame rules sentiments or rationality of the work.

We do Marketing…

… somewhat different

You happe to know us yet?

In this case you know that we are a marketing and communications agency as well as media house specialised in hotel and destination marketing.

Eventually you come across this web site for the first time in which case you may learn more about us here.

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We did not solve today's challanges with yesterday's methods. So we shall remain in business tomorrow.

  • 2009-2014

    Our humble beginnings

    TV im Web started as a Marketing Ageny and producer of web sites and video productions.
    The product-development of has been brought on its way.

  • March, 2014

    The devlopment phase comes to its end has been rolled-out into the web together with its German language sister channel

  • January, 2016

    TV im Web makes its final transition into a Full Service Agency

    Our new sales director supports the company. He is a proven expert in hotel marketing and looks back to decades of professional experience.

  • June, 2016

    Phase 2 begins: Expansion

    The continuous technical development of coding and devices makes it necessary to straighten the travel channels' mobile friendliness. At the same time the site of will become the information platform for all prospective visitors of West European countries, i.e. France, Austria, Switzerland , and - not to forget! Germany.

  • Be part
    of our

Our amazing Team

Since we tried it we know how it works.

We are a young, dynamic team with decades of professioneal experience and outstanding flexibility, short response-times and jam-packed with expert knowledge – and we offer comprehensive services from all departments of a media house: consulting, media production, news channels we control ... and results.

Whatever you may choose is best for you - our full service or single services, for your hotel marketing, destination marketing for industrial applications: be rest asured about the professionality and passion you will find here. Our customers range at the highest priority. They don't mess up our daily routine ... and we love to celebrate mutuyl success.

  • Professional traing as banker.

    Due to international sales and marketing activities
    travelling salesman since mor than 35 years i.a. in hotels, camp sites, B&B, Holiday Flats.

    Development and build of /

    Photographer and lighting cameraman i.a. in South Africa, Western Europe
    here cooperation with well-known members of hotel and toiurism industry.

    Author of many coverages on
    Corporate video for engineering factories, presently working on further development of the French market.

    CEO of TV im Web GmbH.

    Fun Facts:
    Traveled 29 countires.
    Created 300 hours of footage.
    Slept in roof-top car-tent, caravan, holiday flat, Pub, 2-5 stars hotel.
  • Professionally trained hotel specialist in his parents' house from scratches.

    Due to international sales and marketing activities
    Traveling salesman for mor than 35 years in all categories of Hotels worldwide.

    Organised guided motor bike tours
    in New Zealand for international guests from all over the world.

    Tourist marketing in The Nietherlands and New Zealand
    in Public Relations and back office management.

    Build and sales of a German language newspaper in New Zealand.

    Development and build of New Zealand-Card.

    Photographer i.a. for Tourism of Rhoen area
    here cooperation with all well-known hotels of the region.

    Author of many stories published in New Zealand news
    technical coverages about Solar themes, currently working on a travel guide for the Rhoen area in cooperation with Bert Schwarz.

    Blog editor for stories about art
    here issues of Konstruktionismus by Karl Heinz Domann/ Pastel art and Katja Mohr.

    Blog editor for tourism coverage
    New Zealand and Rhoen.

    Fun Facts:
    Traveled 28 countries.
    Traveled 7 million km.
    4,656 over-night stays
    40,000 photographs shot.
  • Professionally trained Industrial specialist for economy.

    Expat experience for more than 20 years.

    Purchasing officer and Logistics specialist
    for international customers.

    Chief of Administration and Production assistance

    Chief Representative with full signing powers TV im Web GmbH.

«I am deeply convinced that the speed of change makes most people admit if they're honest to themselves, that they can't judge, choose and consume everythging at once. And for our customers who are bombarded by many agencies and special vendors with very special offers it is literally impossible to see which trends and developments will be next in the future.

And that's the point we are different: We aren't an agency which just responds on demands but we're a partner who guides the client through the jungle of theoretical possibilites.»

Bert Schwarz, CEO