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Since 2008 TV im Web GmbH contibutes to their customers' success by project- & solution-oriented work, creativity & design.

We're at home in digital and classical media and create the best, individual and process-secure solutions customized for our customers' needs.

Native Advertising.

We tell and publish your story. In our online magazines, on your web site, inclusion into your social media channels will not be forgotten, and on traditional TV channel if that fits.

... and with our own infrastructure we act independently and reach a good balance of cost and best possible quality. We'd been led by the applications which deserve appropriate professional handling.


This is an overview of our services which had been optimized partly for decades now.

Online Tools

Our tools make you visible on every mobile and stationary platform. In word, picture, video.


Offline, online? Marketing tasks are the same. Yet priorities are being shifted every day.


The most sophisticated presentation is worth nothing remaining unaware. We bring your news to the public.

Video Production

Our videos are the matching tools for your approaching future customers or guests.

Corporate Video

The classical image video has gone. We feature the reasons to choose this particular producer and their products.

Tourism Video

Destination- and Hotel video feature a region, town, hotel, camp ground, and we show, why you should come to this place.

Why TV im Web?

The question, we always suggest our customers and partners to ask for themselves.

We're 100% independant and managed by the Owners.

A spledid relationship to our customers has got highest priority.

Working hands-on we know how to bring innovative concepts into reality.

reisemagazin opera TV dailymotion travel-magazine Grasse adac Booking-dot-com


An overview of productions from present and past, when we had been ahead of time ... once in a while.


Screenshot from outturn sample


At the time when print media was used for communications and was state of the art CD-Rom media evolved as a high-tech alternative.

For Messrs. ALPHAMAT Sarl. situated in the Greater Paris area in France, we created a multi-media CD featuring all those functionalities which are common today in the web.

... bis 2006

Ein Trailer or ShowReel compiling an array of productions from approx. 1985 throughout 2006.

It features outtakes from productions our General Manager created when working as media professional for industrial applications.

Trailer (1985-2006)

business-pictures eK.

Trailer (2017/18)

reisemagazin TV : Going Places


«Going Places» is the present trailer for reisemagazin TV*, resp. travel-magazin TV*, our online magazines covering Lifestyle- and travel stories.

Technically it represents today's production format of HDTV/35mm and all current graphic tools available in-house.

*= reisemagazin TV and travel-magazine TV are products and trade-marks of TV im Web GmbH and are protected by copyright.

Corporate Video

Our corporate videos always met their expectations being a supporting tool for the sales force. They of course feature the product's functionalities but stress out the reasons why especially this product made by this (featured) company should be purchased. That's why we prefer working at the product's job site obeying the requirements viz safety and secrecy of the respectiv factory. To safguard this the video production is handled by a single or max. two employees.

Typical Corporate Video

Produced in 2002 and rejuvinated in 2005 adding some talk-over. It features the repair of a glass melter in a big glass factory.


2002, 2005

Laetus GmbH


Classical Product Video

The tool for the sales force, during customers' training and during trade shows. This video features the application of camera and sensors during production process.

Classical Corporate Video

This video was part of a multi media project used as sales tool like it is common today as app or web contents. The multi media project was used long years during sales negotiations and trade shows.

Göpfert GmbH


Tourism & Life Style

Hotel videos customized according to different taste, destination video, and a tool for the hotel owner who does not find suitable (junior) staff...

Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate


Hotel Video

as a news story

This video is one of some episodes which is being watched intensively especially on the hotel web site.

Hotel video

as pure presentation


Seehotel Grundlsee


Tour de Provence: Grasse.


Destination video

A story telling about a small town in the south of France including basic information for the future traveller to influence his decision.

Job Description

Basic information for young people to decide which kind of profession might suit the best. The video describes the job and features how the professional training goes on to be a certified Assistant for Hotel and Tourism Management.

Steigenberger Akademie


René Antonoff


TV im Web is proud to announce the acquisition of the excellent Photographer René Antonoff who is an excellent artist working internationally for many years, e.g. for the Vogue Magazine exklusively.

The Team

We can't do everything alone and rely on a net work enabling us to adjust our capacities at any time.
That includes designers, pixel wizards, editors, translators, photographers, 2D/3D-animated film editors.

Bert Schwarz

CEO Marketing & Sales

Elke Schwarz

Chief Representativ Administration


Neighbour's Cat Security Chief & Watch Tiger

Current Projects

A slight glimpse behind the scenes.

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