Our Stories Are The Perfect Theme for Your Next Campaign!

TV im Web Trailer «Corporate Video».

We do not explain your work. We do not explain either how you could improve your work.
We leave this to all those experts who pretend to know everything.

We can Reference Marketing.

Off-line. And on-line.

We tell your story - the one about your products or your services.

... and the stories are read or watched ... by approx. 60 million readers.

Our Services


Today's challanges
can't be solved with yesterday's methods to stay in business tomorrow.

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Content Marketing

We tell the story, why someone should enjoy your services, and what makes your product unique: a Love Mark.

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Media Provider

Our ipTV Channels:
reisemagazin TV (German)
travel-magazine TV (English)
mag-voyages TV (French)

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ip.TV Work

An array of episodes and coverages from long ago until present. Technically optimized for web publishing.

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Communicating with travel-magazine TV


For quite some time experts talk about the merging of online and offline media. That's a true story. As a matter of consequence, however, viral web use does not work "automatically by itself" any more.

This also means that the former "ad graves" become similar to today's entries into search engines. And it means, too, the tools offered by the respective providers have morphed into expensive, blunt instruments.

Considering this knowledge the travel-magazine communication principle was based quite some years ago.

travel-magazine.tv with its foreign-language channels reisemagazin.tv and mag-voyages.tv is a hybride magazine to read, and watch photographs or movies/vids.

Its reach - or using the print media's language, run - of approx. 60 million pages read in 2016 equals to a run of about 3 Million journals (of 120 pages) per year. Additionally, travel-magazine is available always and is not filed or dumped. Hence the contents' continuing virality is ensured.


Micro site inside travel-magazine.tv

Our readers/audience find an edited micro site presenting our customer's portfolio in which a link to the respecitve web site is implemented. The increase of search engine relevance happens automatically after a while by our background activities.

Die travel-magazine TV online/offline App

A viral "give-away" for our customers as courtesy and customer-binding tool.

This app presnts your house and includes additionally useful information making the visit valuable to your guests. It also works offline at places where's no network coverage is available and shows basic information on the mobile screen.

Informercials + Story Coverage

We do not make commercials, but inform our audience as true partners what we encountered, what we saw, and how we judge that - entirely subjective. That's the way to learn why we think it's worthwhile to visit a certain region or city or hotel or restaurant...

Hotel Video

What does the future guest want to know?

For sure not how great the landlord likes his own house. Or that he does his utmost to please his guests.

In fact the future guest simply wants to know the reason why he should book into this place what he can expect and what kind of different activities could be possible like improving fitness, ride a bike, hike or enjoy culture - also in the near or far neighbourhood.

The task is so simple for a video production really made professionally. ... and yet so difficult for so many.

Corporate Video

What does a customer want to know?

Nothing about the «leading level of technology» but simply if the products meets his requirements.

The task is so simple for a video production really made professionally. ... and yet for so difficult for so many of our customers. The reason is simple: detail knowledge hinders to see the fundamental point.

In the course of preparing a video production we extract the real facts and present them without forgetting about the right portion of empathy...

Fiction Video

That's more than just finger exercise.

A facts driven movie must have some dramaturgical aspects which keep the audience interested.

So it was not only fun to create a movie with some well-established actors in Germany but to enjoy a deep insight into director's work.

If a movie will be effective is determined long before the camera is switched on.